#1 Commercial Sterilization Service for Businesses of all Sizes

Who We Are

We believe that everyone deserves to be in a safe environment, despite modern-day circumstances we find ourselves in.

We deliver a comprehensive on-site sterilization service for businesses of all sizes. Whether it is schools you wish your children to be safe in to the stands you use when cheering on your favorite team, we have got you protected.

Our goal is to keep people safe and protected without the use of harmful chemicals to do so. Our innovative services and cutting-edge technologies target deadly pathogens, outbreaks, and viruses of all kinds – while being entirely safe for the people that inhabit these environments.

After years in industry, we have learned that using harmful chemicals like chlorine and bleach are not effective long-term and also puts the people we’re trying to protect at risk. Instead, we take a multi-layered and natural approach. Our products are all FDA, EPA and CDC approved disinfectants composed of only natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable elements. Our sterlization experts are equipped with FDA approved protective gear and also got through rigious training and certifications to meet our high standards.

Meets all guidelines set by:

Eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria from your environment