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The heart of the Las Vegas Strip is near the top for violations in the state of Nevada, according to OSHA. 235 noncompliance complaints have been reported to OSHA since the beginning of the pandemic.

The complaints ranged from a lunch meeting with about 135 in attendance, which violated the state’s ban on gatherings over 50 people to not enforcing social distancing at slot machines, table games and ATM’s. The majority of complaints have been issued to restaurants and bars up and down the strip. This does follow the trend of other counties in the state. Chief among these complaints were; employees or patrons not wearing a mask, in direcrect violation of Governor Sisolaks protocols.

Nevada is having to make hard decisions between safety and the lifeblood of  Nevada’s economy, Tourist tax dollars. The State is dependent on those taxes to fund nearly everything in the state. It is no secret that we can ill afford another complete shutdown. How can we guarantee revenue and safety?

Professional Sterilization Companies.

Sterile-19 is working to meet this new demand. We are proud members of the UNLV Loyalty Circle, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, BBB and Veteran Owned.

Our products are all CDC and FDA approved, Inorganic and not harmful to humans, children or pets.

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