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As the first round of Pfizer’s vaccines are rolling out around the world, Moderna releases their two-shot vaccine. Pfizer has committed to 2 million doses( enough for 1 million Americans) and the Government has the option to purchase an additional 4 million. (enough for 2 million Americans) Moderna’s vaccine commitment, remains unclear as they began shipping this week.  Merck is readying a treatment that is not yet approved by the FDA. The treatment could be available as soon as June 30, 2021 if the FDA approves it.

Now this vaccine is not a cure, nor will it stop symptomology from presenting. Asymptomatic carriers, a person(s) carrying the virus, but presenting no symptoms are just like those who have been vaccinated, they can still spread the virus. The vaccine reduces the virus severity to mild symptoms and alleviates hospital overflow.  All mask, cleaning and distance protocols should still be observed to lower transmission of the virus, as defined by the CDC.

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This all comes as a new mutations of the virus is hitting the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa. The UK has been fighting the mutated strain for a few weeks, closing ports and restricting travel in and out of the country. Only one case of the UK strain has materialized in Ireland. South Africa identified another more transmittable mutated strain in their country last week.

“Thanks to the impressive genomic capability of the South Africans, we’ve detected two cases of another new variant of coronavirus here in the UK,” British Health Secretary Matt Hancock told reporters on Wednesday. “This new variant is highly concerning, because it is yet more transmissible, and it appears to have mutated further than the new variant has been discovered in the UK,”(Sic)

The United States remains free of the newly identified mutations thus far and Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the Coroavirus vaccine czar for the U.S.,  said that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines should be effective against the new strains.

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