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The United Kingdom is Voting today on another Mandatory Lockdown. Britain has been three to six weeks ahead of the East Coast of the United States in cases and response. Now is the time for the United States to prepare.

U.K. pubs, restaurants, gyms and non-essential shops will all be closed, again. Sterile-19 is here to mitigate against such closures. Protect your business with Professional Sterilization.  Sterile-19 will provide an Active 90 day protective barrier that will stop Covid-19 and 62 other known Pathogens, Fungi and Mold/Mildew. It will also remove smoke and pet odors from any environment.

Sterile-19 will be doing our best to work with State and Local Officials to keep Nevada working during the next rounds of closures.

See the link below for the full U.K. Article on BBC News.

Sterile-19 is a Proud member of The UNLV Loyalty Circle, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau and is a Veteran Owned and Operated Business based in Las Vegas.