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Behavior and Cold Weather to Blame for Covid Surge.

Cases in America continue to climb as we settle into Winter, which is partly to blame for the recent surge of Covid-19 cases. Personal behavior remains the only factor we can control.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during a briefing on Monday.  “The middle of January could be a really dark time for us,”(Sic) We have yet to see the full impact of Thanksgiving Holiday travel and Dr. Fauci is expecting the spike to continue through December Holidays as well, leaving January to be the culmination of all the Holiday travel.

This spread and spike will also coincide with the one year anniversary of our “new normal” living with Covid-19.  More than 14.7 million cases have been reported in the United States since the pandemic began, and 282,300 people have died. To put that in prospective, that’s about 10,000 shy of total American Deaths in World War II.

In Nevada we’ve had 171,00 cases and 2,319 deaths, since the pandemic began. Nevada is just 53 deaths away from matching the Afghan-U.S War deaths since 2001.

The threat has become very real. Companies have tried to take the proper approach to remain open, but some have fallen short on cleaning protocol, distancing or barriers. A few casinos have been fined by OSHA for these violations. Friday’s Blog will cover “The Strip Zip Code Spike” and OSHA’s reaction to the Casino’s operations.

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