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 Nevada continues to climb in both Number of Cases and Number of deaths related to Covid-19. 21 deaths have been reported for Sunday, the data was released on Monday and reveals an increase in hospitalizations for the third consecutive day.

Nevada has lost 2,973 to the Covid battle since the onset of the pandemic.

Below we see the largest single day increases in cases. Number two: is the spike is just before the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Number 1:  falls inside of the known incubation period for the virus after exposure.

Top 5Number of COVID-19 cases (statewide)Date reported
13,194Dec. 4
23,159Nov. 24
33,063Dec. 8
42,988Dec. 22
52,912Nov. 27

You can find this data on Nevada’s DHHS coronavirus dashboard, page 2

These increases are likely to continue trending throughout the beginning of the new year.

Dr. Fauci had previously warned of the increases coming as a result of Holiday festivities between Thanksgiving and the New Year. 

Hospitalizations are increasing as well. 

Top 5Number of Hospitalizations (statewide)Date reported
12,025Dec. 13
22,008Dec. 15
32,001Dec. 22
41,996Dec. 20, Dec. 21
51,979Dec. 14

Click HERE to see the DHHS dashboard, page 6

December 13th, saw the largest jump in patients admitted to the hospital for Covid related issues. Nevada has reported 79% occupancy rate State Licensed beds. ICU’s have reported 71% occupancy rate.(unclear if they are counted in the above total) Ventilators usage in Nevada is at 44%, all as of Monday, December 27th.

While these numbers are going to increase, all is not doom and gloom. The vaccines have begun to be administered nationwide. Pfizer and Moderna have been making deliveries of the vaccine for the last two weeks. This Vaccination coupled with Distancing Protocols and Sterile Environments can help us all turn the tide against this pandemic.

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