Eliminate 99.9% Of Bacteria & Viruses From Your Environment

Clean & safe with our state-of-the-art medical grade disinfectant practices

Eliminate 99.9% Of Bacteria & Viruses From Your Environment

Have confidence your space is completely clean with our state-of-the-art medical grade disinfectant practices

A New Way to Disinfect

While there may be a global epidemic, we provide a global-scale solution. When your environment is not completely free of bacteria, viruses, mold or mildew, business processes, and daily life cannot carry on like before. At Sterile 19, we are here to bring your life back to normal as fast as possible with the help of our world-class sterilization experts.


Extremely rigorous, three-layer sterilization process with no harsh chemicals


Build your business by assuring clients
your environment is safe


Antimicrobial protection on all surfaces that lasts for up to 90 days


Reassure your staff for greater productivity and morale


Professionally trained and friendly staff
with top industry certifications


We adhere to the strict EPA, FDA, and CDC guidelines, ensuring our standards are always held to the highest level

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What We Do

We are certified experts specializing in pathogen outbreaks. Carrying the most advanced equipment and training in the industry… our medical-grade disinfectants meet the stringent EPA’s Emerging Pathogen Standard.

“Our goal is to provide global solutions for pandemic outbreaks that help our clients and our community feel safe in their environment.”

Ilan Gelberg, founder of Sterile 19

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Innovative Technology

Traditional methods of cleaning typically involve only one method of disinfection, containing heavy doses of harmful chemicals like chlorine. We understand that you want to feel safe and protected not only from viruses, but also harsh chemicals. This is why we use our inorganic, three-layer technology.